Goose Creek Blocks

Here are the pictures of the goose creek blocks I have been telling you about. My friend Jerrie came over Thursday. I was able to get them half completed. So Now you have the idea of what 256 6 1/2 inch blocks look like stacked. I am anxious to get them sewn together. I was hoping to get that done today. House hold duties called instead. Now that I am done there isn’t enough time to sew before supper. Hopefully tomorrow can be a sewing day.



4 thoughts on “Goose Creek Blocks

  1. I love to get everything done (chores) that must be done, so I can free up the next day for FUN stuff. Your blocks look great. Happy sewing!

  2. I love the fabrics, the small prints & colors. The stack of blocks just looks so inviting, they say, “Come, sit and sew”. Enjoy the time you spend with them!

  3. I love how the blocks look all stacked up! This is going to look great all sewed together.
    I see where you are having another boy! Congratulations. Over 15 years ago they told me after 2 boys I was going to have a 3rd. Guess what it was a girl! We didn’t even know until she was about 5 min old and they said something about my daughter and I said what??? We didn’t even ask what we had since we knew it was going to be a boy. What a blessing she has been.

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