Pictures Of Tyler and Joshua


Aren’t they cute? I guess I am partial since they are my children. LOL. This picture was taken on Christmas morning. I was the first to wake up. Then Tim, Tyler, and Josh was last. They had a great day. They spent all afternoon playing with their toys.


This is from Saturday. We had a combined birthday party for them and invited their friends over. We had a scavenger hunt inside the house. It was raining out. Yuck. It was fun. They sure do make out having a birthday right after Christmas. I am glad the next baby will have a birthday in the middle of the year.

Tyler went back to school yesterday. He didn’t want to go back. It is nice to have the house back to me and Joshua.

Free Educational Worksheets for Early Childhood Through 5th Grade

Mary told me about the site above. I printed some out and Joshua and I worked on three sheets today. He did very well. We worked on recognizing letters of the alphabet. If you have young kids go check it out.

2 thoughts on “Pictures Of Tyler and Joshua

  1. They are cute. Getting so big.

    Ella was 4 on Sunday. She is a stitch, she never stops talking. Her favorite color right now is yellow.


  2. Thanks for your comment on my site.
    Your boys look happy and healthy … enjoy them! Too soon they grow up. My baby is 32!

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