Fat Quarter Friday – Blue Floral

Ok so I know it isn’t Friday. It’s Saturday. For some reason my brain was malfunctioning. It seems like the more pregnant I am the more forgetful I am. So to all you faithful bloggers I am sorry. Here is this weeks fat quarter. It is one on my favorite prints.


Happy commenting and sewing.

10 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Friday – Blue Floral

  1. I can completely understand the brain fog with pregnancy…I’ve been told it could happen again during menopause (or mental-pause) as the ladies call it here. Something to look forward to! LOL ;o)

  2. You must have the most lovely stash, each week’s FQ is prettier than the last. Count me in again, I’m still feeling lucky!

  3. Wow that is a great fabric.
    I know what you mean about pregnancy and forgetfulness. I had a doc call it placenta brain.

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