Good Tuesday Morning

I hope everyone finds Tuesday to be a great day for them. We had some storms during the night. My husband and boys slept right through them. I awoke at 2 am to thunder and lightening. Yesterday it was in the 60’s today our high is 46 and very windy. My poor dog didn’t even want to go out to used the bathroom.

I went for a check up yesterday and all is well with me and the baby. His heart beat was great and my blood pressure was excellent. I actually lost 4 pounds. I think it has to do with cutting out soda. I was drinking quite a few. Now I am only drinking water, milk, and OJ. Only 10 weeks left. The time has gone by fast. I can’t wait for him to be here. I am anxious to hold him and give him hugs and kisses. Every time I go to the doctor  Joshua asks me if I am bringing the baby home. He is anxious to play with him too.

I got some blocks done for some swaps yesterday. I also started on some churn dash blocks for another swap. They are red and cream. I am making 10. I got my new Quilter’s World magazine in the mail yesterday. It has some wonder quilts in it. Normally I find one or two that I want to make but there were at least 6 I want to make. I also have an idea to make a spring row robin quilt. I am trying to talk my husband into buying me EQ6. It would make things much easier when it comes to making up my own designs and layouts. He watched a tutorial about it with me last night. So now hopefully he now knows how helpful it will be and just how bad I want it.

I am hoping to work on my churn dash blocks today. I have some house work to do first. Keep on posting. Everyone is doing a great job. Remember to tell your friends to come over and post so that they might win this weeks fat quarter. Happy sewing.

3 thoughts on “Good Tuesday Morning

  1. Thanks for stopping by to visit and for your nice wishes. I’m starting to feel human again. I’m glad you are feeling well too. I’m enjoying looking at all the blocks you made and pics of your home. Hope your day is a good one.

  2. How sweet to have a little one on the way. I seemed to get a lot of sewing done when my children were babies… not so much anymore. Those were good days… enjoy every minute!

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