Hump Day

I haven’t had time to post sense Friday. I really haven’t had time to sew either. My oldest son was out of school on Monday and Tuesday. He had a friend spend the night. You would think that having two 13 year olds here that they would be able to keep an eye out for the 5 year old. No such luck. I was a ref for most of the time. Mom they won’t let me play too. Mom Josh won’t leave us alone. And so on and so forth. Last night I did get to sew a block once diner was over with. Then my 13 year old son reminded me he needed a book for school. So I had to go to books a million in hopes that they still had some of the books left. Luckily they had 3 left. I browsed around for a few minutes and found tons of books I would love to buy but didn’t. Gotta save up for baby things. The little bugger is down right expensive.

This morning I went over and picked up my four year old niece Emily. I called yesterday hoping if she was here maybe her and Joshua would play nice and I might be able to get some sewing done. My plan worked. They haven’t played together in a little over a week and were ready for each others company. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few tears over toys and TV shows. But for the most part they have been wonderful.

So here are some pictures of blocks I made today for some swaps I am in.







3 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. Aren’t kids wonderful? I’m glad you survived all that FUN! Your blocks are so pretty…. love all the happy colors!

  2. Great blocks! Churn dash is one of my favorite traditional blocks. Your color combo’s are really nice too! 🙂

    Oh my, two 13 year olds together! I remember 13…and I was pretty much oblivious to all things around me when with my friends!

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