Happy Monday or is it?

Well it is Monday, is that good or bad? Mondays for me are the day I have to sit and reflect about what all I need to get done this week. Tonight we have Monday night for the Master at church. We go visit with people and send out cards to people. I am going to visit with a good friend on Tuesday. Make some clothe diapers with another friend on Wednesday and go to church that evening. Thursday I have a doctors appointment in the morning and a creative writing workshop that night.  Saturday we are having an Easter egg hunt at the local park for all the kids at church. It sounds to me like I will be busy this week. Oh wait did I forget to mention laundry, house work, and being 8 months pregnant. LOL. Please don’t pity me. I love my life. Sometimes I just over extend myself. It seems like the only time I will have to sew is today or Friday. What is your week going to be like?

One thought on “Happy Monday or is it?

  1. eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new one!!! congrats to paula for winning the fat she is a sweetheart!! try and rest a little. Mavie

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