Joshua, Cat’s Meow, and Dutman Puzzle

As I was taking pictures of some things Joshua decided to put himself in the pictures. He is just too cute some times. He loves being goofy.


Today I made 6  12 1/2 inch Cat’s Meow blocks for a swap.


Here is the Dutchman puzzle top I told you about in a previous post. It is a UFO. Now I have to decide to either make it a wall hanging or a table runner. The blocks are from a swap from last year.


4 thoughts on “Joshua, Cat’s Meow, and Dutman Puzzle

  1. Joshua is too cute! Your blocks are great and he is a very good boy, to let you do all that sewing! My kids were really good when I sewed too…. however, now that the kids are grown, my pups aren’t quite as good while I’m at the machine.

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