Sunday update….

Thank you all for such kind words. It means a lot to know that there are other bloggers and quilters wishing me well. I feel a little better today. I am wishing I had the energy to sew. I feel lost with out making things. My recliner has definitely become my best friend.

Sue C. I am sorry to here about your accident. I am sending prayers your way. I hope you get better soon.

2 thoughts on “Sunday update….

  1. Wishing you a very prompt recovery ! :>)

    Stay warm, drink a lot of fluids and take care…

    Heartful thanks for your kind comment on my Blog. Didn’t know yours up until now and will come beck very often !

    Smiles from my little corner of the world.

  2. Thanks for your kind thoughts. I see a surgeon tomorrow about my shoulder. I just hope I can quilt again, I couldn’t bear to give that up.

    Hope all is well with you.


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