Monday Morning…

I hope everyone is having a great morning. I got too sleep in. Tyler is on spring break this week so he got up with Joshua and they let me sleep. It was heavenly.

Saturday was good. We did some shopping and bought a new car seat and stroller for the baby.  The swing we wanted wasn’t in stock. I am going to order it today online. So all we have left to get is a crib. We have a bassinet that we are borrowing from a wonderful family at church.

Sunday brought me a tragedy. The cats sleep in the sewing room. Well they knocked my sewing machine off of the table and broke it. The only stitch I can get it to sew is the very tiny number 1 stitch. I just got this machine for Christmas. So the cats are now sleeping in the garage. My hubby and son moved a bunch of things around and made room for them. I just can’t share my sewing room with them anymore. Last month they broke the iron. So this puts any kind of quilting or finishing of quilts on hold indefinitely. I have three baby quilts that I need to finish. The tops are done. I am going to see if I can go over to Jerrie’s house and borrow her machine to finish these.

Wednesday I go to the doctor for a check up. I will be 37 weeks along. Not much longer to go. Last week I was dilated 1 cm and they estimated the baby weighs 7 lbs already. So I am hoping he won’t be more than 9 lbs when he decides to make his entrance into this world. I am feeling ok. Just tired of caring around this watermelon. LOL. I have to say that I am very happy with myself. I have taken very good care of myself with this baby. I haven’t gained more than 5 lbs and have been watching what I eat and drink. Which wasn’t they case with the other two boys. I was fortunate enough to stay home while pregnant and not have too much stress.

I guess that is enough babbling from me for now. Don’t forget to leave comments if you want to win this weeks fat quarter on Friday.


6 thoughts on “Monday Morning…

  1. So sorry about your sewing machine. Is it something that can be fixed? My cats like to knock things off of tables, too, but never anything quite so large or expensive.

  2. Oh my, what an unfortunate mishap with the sewing machine! Hope it’s a simple fix, good luck with that.

    All the best with the remainder of your pregnancy.

    : )

  3. You poor little mommy! A broken sewing machine. darn! I had a cat knock my iron off the board too and of course, irons don’t survive too much stuff like that. I now have a holder that my husband fixed onto my ironing board to keep it safe. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way with the baby!!!

  4. Ow! So sorry about your sewing machine. Maybe you can borrow your friends machine until yours gets fixed by the sewing machine doctor. Sometimes the doctors work really fast when its an emergency! Don’t you think this qualifies??!!

  5. I love the kitty fabric you sent to Bell Creek Quilts! Don’t punish the babies too much, they are just doing what cats do best! I love your blog and will be back to visit again. Good luck with baby number 3.

  6. OH no! I hope you’re able to get your machine fixed quickly! I’m glad your doing so well with your pregnancy, I can’t believe you’ve only gained 5 lbs. I gained more than 25 with each of my kids… Working on getting rid of it still… almost 2 years since my son was born! UGH!

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