Prairie Queen Batik Quilt Top



Here is the fish top I have mentioned in recent posts. The block is called Prairie Queen. I was lazy with the alternating square blocks. I appliquéd the square on instead of cutting up all the fabric and sewing it all back together. See what being 35 weeks pregnant does to you. LOL. It still looks nice and gave the look I wanted with out taking away from the other blocks.  I am going to keep this one for the kids. I love the fish material. Now all I have to do is put a border on it and sandwich it.

We have had a lot of comments left this week. Good job everyone and thanks for looking at my blog. Today is the last day for leaving comments to be entered into fat quarter Friday. good luck to you all.

One thought on “Prairie Queen Batik Quilt Top

  1. I love all of those batiks you used for the outer parts of the blocks! The fish would be high on my kids lists too! Good job!

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