Thank you to all the Well Wishers

I have gotten a lot of comments from some lovely ladies wishing me and the baby well. I greatly appreciate all your heart felt concern. It means the world to me. We are doing good. Friday I had contractions every 10 minutes for about 6 hours. When I went to bed they stopped. I was so disappointed. I thought for sure we were going to have him yesterday. I have had some more off and on but nothing to call the doctor over. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday. Hopefully he will tell me that I have dilated more.

Forgive me for not posting a picture of the fat quarter until today. It has been a long weekend. Yesterday we went to the park and walked around. It was a beautiful day. We took some pictures. I was hoping a good walk might get us going but no luck. The assistant preacher keeps telling me that the apple will drop from the tree when it is ready. I hope everyone else has had a wonderful weekend.

Oh yeah. I got a new sewing machine. Nothing fancy but it will do the trick. Maybe I will get to use it today. Happy sewing.

6 thoughts on “Thank you to all the Well Wishers

  1. Aww… I hope things get moving for you in the birthing department! Yay for a new sewing machine! I would be SO mad if mine were broken by my cats – would definitly ban them from the sewing room too!

  2. So glad you were able to get a sewing machine. Hope you get to use it now. Wishing you all the best with the upcoming birth.

    : )

  3. Good luck for when the little one decides to show up. I had false contractions for weeks when having my son – drove me mad – lol ! Worth the wait though. My cats are definitely NOT allowed in my sewing room.

  4. Congrats on your new sewing machine, hope you find some time to use it before baby comes! I know how hard it is to fit in any time for yourself with a newborn to care for. Still, what a blessing, and you will be in my thoughts over the next few days – or weeks if need be! Sending you hopes & prayers for a safe and easy delivery! 🙂

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