Tuesday’s Accomplishment

Today I got to use the new sewing machine. I sewed velcro and elastic into the clothe diapers Jerrie and I made. I cut everything out for 12 diapers and went to her house today. She serged them for me. What a wonderful friend she is. Hopefully 12 will be a good start to let me know how well they work before I make more. They are too cute. I also made a pattern using poster board for a breastfeeding pillow. I bought some material and it is washing now. A cute spiral print in turquoise. I will show that tomorrow.


Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. We Went to the park and took some pictures. It was so nice to get out of the house. We walked around for a while. I was hoping that the walk might bring on some good contractions. No such luck. Then Joshua played on the play ground for a while. Here is a picture of me my hubby took. Don’t I look grand. It looks like I am ready to topple over. Like the Umpa Lumpa on Willie Wonka. LOL.


This picture is of the boys playing with our girl, Lady. Sunday the boys and their dad spent the afternoon doing yard work. Here they are taking a break. I got lucky and got to sit on my fanny and watch all the hard work being done. The shade from the magnolia tree and breeze were wonderful.

One thought on “Tuesday’s Accomplishment

  1. Oh how cute are those! You’re doing the cloth diapers??? Oh I want to know how it works out for you. I formula fed both of my girls from birth and of course still use disposable diapers with my two year old, but knowing in the next few years if we have another it will be the last time around, I REALLY want to breastfeed and try things differently, maybe even cloth diapers! I didn’t know when I had my kids that nursing even helps prevent SIDS, and with the whole country moving towards “green” solutions, the home made diapers could be a great alternative. Can’t wait to see how it goes for you, they are so cute!!!

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