3 days and Counting…

My husband will be home in 3 days. He has been gone since the 17th of May. He is off being a Captain in the Army National Guard for two weeks. We haven’t gotten to talk much while he has been gone. We sure are missing him. I can’t imagine what Andrew thinks. Hey where did that tall guy go? He called today and sounded exhausted. Poor guy.

I have been able to sew a little bit. Not as much as I want to but enough to keep me satisfied. I am trying to work on UFO’s. I am working on a quilt called the Cat’s Meow for the kids. Josh has already laid claim to it. Here is an example of the blocks.


Andrew is doing well. He has colic. Thankfully it has been more during the day than at night. Knock on wood. I have been able to get between 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours of sleep between feedings. It sounds crazy to think how great that much sleep is. LOL. I bought some Gripe Water. It is made by little tummy’s. It seems to be helping with the colic. I got it at Target. Wal-mart didn’t have anything like that.

I am feeling better. Not so sore any more. I have been able to do more things around the house and drive. Yeah. It was hard going two weeks without driving. I can’t wait until I feel back to normal so that I can start some exercise routines. I lost weight and want to keep going. Being over weight sucks. LOL. My clothes from before I was pregnant are lose. It is definitely motivation to lose more. I just have to stay away from Chocolate. That will be easy. Yeah right. I figure if I let myself have some every now and then it won’t be so bad.

Well I gotta get to bed while the baby is sleeping. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want to be in on the fat quarter give away. Good luck and happy sewing.

UFO Update

With the help of my mother in-law I was able to finish 3 baby quilts, a table runner, and a nine patch top which she took home with her to quilt for me. I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

Tops- Need to be sandwiched and quilted

  1. 30’s Baby quilt  (DONE)
  2. Cowboy baby quilt
  3. R/W/Blue mini bow tie wall hanging
  4. Gingerbread man wall hanging
  5. 2007 BOM quilt
  6. Broken dishes baby quilt
  7. Blue snowball quilt
  8. Red & Yellow floral Zig Zag quilt
  9. Goose Creek Civil War (Sent off to be quilted) (DONE)

Blocks Done- Need to be sewn into tops

  1. Dutchman civil war (Sewed blocks together and traded with a friend for some fabric)
  2. Prairie Queen Fish And Batiks (Just have to add borders 4/4/08)
  3. Pink and White 9 patch
  4. Batik Churn Dash
  5. Blue and Cream Civil war sampler
  6. Bright Quilt
  7. Halloween Quilt
  8. Red/White/Black quilt
  9. Fish block top
  10. Balkan puzzle
  11. Grannie’s Floral garden
  12. Floral log cabin
  13. Red Anvil
  14. Floral Shoo-fly
  15. Orange and green Snowball
  16. Autumn trails
  17. 9 Patch Cream (Done)

WIP- Need more blocks to complete

  1. Bow Tie (Made more blocks today)
  2. 2006 BOM
  3. Baby buds
  4. White and cream log cabin
  5. Sunbonnet Sue
  6. Butterfly Shoo-fly
  7. Heart Crazy Quilt
  8. Lily wall hanging
  9. 30’s Churn Dash
  10. 2008 BOM
  11. Scrappy Block
  12. Friendship Star
  13. 25 patch Star wall hanging (Have enough blocks)
  14. Double friendship star
  15. Blue and white Star

Quilt Books


This week I received 1 quilt book and purchased two. I won the first one from Pat at Bell Creek Quilts. Thanks a ton Pat. I got lucky and was picked for her 100th post drawing.

The second book I ordered from half.com. I have a ton of quilt books on my watch list. Thanks to the stimulus check I thought I would treat myself to the last two books. The third one I have been eying. We went to Hobby Lobby the other day. I had a 40% off coupon in hand. So it was a rather inexpensive book. I also bought a crazy quilt template. I am anxious to use it but haven’t had time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for hobbies with a new baby. I have barely had time to get on the computer.

Andrew seems to have a touch of colic. Poor thing is so gassy it is keeping him from getting any good sleep. (Me too for that matter.) I bought some new bottles yesterday. I bought the Playtex drop in nursers and a Mr. Brown bottle to try. Hopefully they will help. The doctors office gave me a sample of formula for colic but I can’t get him to drink it. He wants nothing to do with it. It stinks to high heaven so I don’t blame him.  So we will see what happens.

I hope everyone has a great week. Don’t forget to leave a comment so that your name will be in the drawing for this weeks Orange Spiral fat quarter. Happy Sewing.

Tyler, Joshua, & Andrew

Here are a few pictures of the kids from the last week.




I ordered some fabric online sense I can’t get out much. If you haven’t already been to Quiltbook.com please check it out. Carol has some of the best Civil war reproduction fabrics and 30’s fabric. I have ordered from her twice. I am thrilled with the quality and color of the prints I have received. The pictures don’t do the fabric justice. Here is a picture of the 30’s material I ordered.


I also ordered some material from Craft Connection that was on sale. I couldn’t resist the butterfly fabric. The red and blue fabrics on the right I bought at Hancock.