3 days and Counting…

My husband will be home in 3 days. He has been gone since the 17th of May. He is off being a Captain in the Army National Guard for two weeks. We haven’t gotten to talk much while he has been gone. We sure are missing him. I can’t imagine what Andrew thinks. Hey where did that tall guy go? He called today and sounded exhausted. Poor guy.

I have been able to sew a little bit. Not as much as I want to but enough to keep me satisfied. I am trying to work on UFO’s. I am working on a quilt called the Cat’s Meow for the kids. Josh has already laid claim to it. Here is an example of the blocks.


Andrew is doing well. He has colic. Thankfully it has been more during the day than at night. Knock on wood. I have been able to get between 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours of sleep between feedings. It sounds crazy to think how great that much sleep is. LOL. I bought some Gripe Water. It is made by little tummy’s. It seems to be helping with the colic. I got it at Target. Wal-mart didn’t have anything like that.

I am feeling better. Not so sore any more. I have been able to do more things around the house and drive. Yeah. It was hard going two weeks without driving. I can’t wait until I feel back to normal so that I can start some exercise routines. I lost weight and want to keep going. Being over weight sucks. LOL. My clothes from before I was pregnant are lose. It is definitely motivation to lose more. I just have to stay away from Chocolate. That will be easy. Yeah right. I figure if I let myself have some every now and then it won’t be so bad.

Well I gotta get to bed while the baby is sleeping. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want to be in on the fat quarter give away. Good luck and happy sewing.