Foundation Pieced block

This is my first attempt of foundation piecing. I’m not sure if I did it right or not. Just basically winging it.


These two blocks are for swaps.



4 thoughts on “Foundation Pieced block

  1. Your string block looks perfect to me, I like it. I just finished my 3 string quilt a couple weeks ago. I love the way the string quilts turns out … perfect.

  2. Holly, your string block is wonderful – very pretty fabrics. The baby quilts you received are terrific, too.
    Glad the staples are out now and hope you are feeling well.

  3. I love the fabrics in your string block. I’ve never done one of those. Back before internet, I used to swap 12 inch blocks by mail (through a quilters magazine) with other ladies. I used to LOVE going to my mailbox and seeing what beauty was waiting for me. I never did do anything with them. I run across them from time to time and think of how to put them together and have never come up with a plan. Glad to know you are feeling better and up and sewing again.

  4. Those all look really great! I hope you’re feeling more ‘yourself’ after getting those staples out! How’s the new little boy?

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