2 More Baby Quilts

I received this beautiful baby quilt in the mail from a dear friend named Tina. She appliquéd the cowboy on the rocking horse. Isn’t he adorable. I love the colors. It is going to look great hanging in Josh and Andrew’s room.



This quilt is from a lady named Judy who works with my hubby. The day I went into labor they were throwing me a baby shower at my hubby’s place of employment.  Thank you to all of you who gave us things for Andrew.


We are very blessed to have so many people care about us and want to do things for us. Thank you to all of you.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and they removed my staples. Ouch. Some of them just stung but most of them hurt coming out. I was very sore afterwards. Today I am still sore but not as much. It feels great not to have the staples in any more.

This is a project hanging on my wall in the sewing room. The blocks are from a swap. I was able to get it put together before going into labor.


I made some flying geese for each corner. It is still a work in progress. I am going to hanging it in the dining room once I am  finished with it.

I made two blocks yesterday for a swap. Not much sewing going on yet. Hopefully soon I will get to do more. Well I guess I have blabbed enough. My tummy is growling. It is time to chow. Happy sewing.

Free Stuff…

Who doesn’t like the chance to win free quilty stuff. My dear friend Pat at Bell Creek Quilts is having a drawing to win some cool stuff in celebration of her 100th post. Way to go Pat. Please go visit her site. Happy blogging and sewing or quilting. Whatever it is you are into today.