4 thoughts on “2 More Kitty Post Cards

  1. I love your postcards and these are very new to me. I saw a display at a quilt show and thought they were gorgeous. Is there a certain “size” requirement or any other rules in making these? Are yours all fabric? Or do you sew them on a cardboard backing? I would love to know more!

  2. I would love to swap postcards. How do we exchange addresses; I can not figure out how to find peoples e-mail addresses. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.


  3. I LOVE those kitty postcards .. I’ve been wanting to swa out some cards, but not gotten the materials I needed yet ..

    hmm .. how do you swap them??? stick a stamp on them hehehe .. just kidding ..

    when i’m ready can I contact you again – I call dibs on the kitties if the answer is yes 🙂

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