Another picture..


Doesn’t he look happy? LOL. Today we went to the park. We met a lady that is a photographer there. She took pictures of the kids. It was so much fun. She has a little girl a month older than Andrew. I’m not sure they knew what to think of each other. It was the first baby he has seen since he left the hospital. It was cute watching them check each other out.

Yesterday I bought some blue fabric for the sashing of the T-shirt quilt I am working on.  Hopefully I can get the sashing on that tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Another picture..

  1. What a cute face! Actually, that’s kinda the same face my late grandfather had…

  2. Looks like he’s getting tired of the camera snapping, but, I think he is a cute as can be.

    Great-grandma Geri

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