It has been a day…

Man why are Mondays so unpleasant? Andrew didn’t fall asleep until 2am. We watched quite a bit of HGTV. This seems to be the norm. Atleast I got to watch Design Star at 12am. I usually miss it Sunday evening. He slept okay after that. Got up every 2 1/2 hours. Which is good for him. Saturday evening he was up every 1 to 1 1/2 hours. That extra hour makes the world of a difference.

Joshua is showing his butt today. He doesn’t want to listen. So he got sent to his room. Then he ended up getting grounded for throwing things and screaming at me. He came out to go to the bathroom. A few minutes later he comes out and tells me that the toilet is messed up. He unrolled the roll of toilet paper into the bowl and tried to flush it. Thanks Josh. Now I have an over flowing toilet. It took almost every towel in the house to dry up the floor. Thank God he didn’t go #2. Ugh.

So what else, may I ask is going to happen today?

Here are three blocks I have managed to make in the last two days. They are for swaps.




6 thoughts on “It has been a day…

  1. Ugh – must be something in the air, as my Munchkin is being quite cheeky today as well. No TP incidents as we are still working on that whole concept -but frustrating nonetheless.

    Lovely blocks.

  2. oh no .. you poor thing!! maybe a full moon?? nope it was a sliver last nite .. now you’re making me wonder why my 13 yo will be up to :S .. and he can be rather inventive himself .. just like when he was your Josh’s age ..


    blocks are gorgeous btw 🙂

  3. Aren’t kids just wonderful. NOT!

    Gemma has days like that, she knows exactly which buttons to press.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Hi Huggy Bear,

    It’s me your Momma up here in New York state.

    Sounds like you not having a good one.

    Josh sounds like Teddy, Holly’s brother, when he was young. And everyone always tell you to enjoy them while there at home as someday they will grow up AND you will wish you had them at home again.


    I think iim going to pick up the phone and call you.

    As your mom, I love being able to look at your site and see what is going on day by day.

    Oh, thank you for the photo albums of pictures and the card you sent me came today.

    I love you,

  5. Aww… those blocks look great though! This post could have been posted by me. My daughter has been quite ‘mouthy’ recently, and my son has made me start LOCKING the bathroom door this week, as he likes to go in there and ‘play’ with the water! The entire bathroom gets soaked – and I’m lucky if he hasn’t flushed his diaper halfway down the drain too! He’s gotten into a phase where he will take the diaper off as soon as he’s soiled it so he can dump it in the potty… whether or not I’m there in the room too!

  6. Bless your heart 🙂 the joys of parenthood! they say that the good memories outlast the bad…here’s hoping there are some good memories heading your way!

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