Homemade Doll

So I attempted to make another doll. This time I made the pattern bigger and gave her some funky pink hair and a heart shaped face. She also has a pretty purple butterfly on her tummy. Joshua asked me what I named her. I told him she didn’t have a name yet and asked him what we should name her. He said to name her Holly. So Holly it is.

Andrew Eating Cereal

Today I fed Andrew from a spoon for the first time. I mixed rice cereal and formula. He did pretty good. He actually figured out that he was supposed to swallow it fairly quickly. He was smiling and having a good time. For a few minutes then started crying. He wanted his bottle. LOL.

Dotee Doll

I have been seeing these cute little dolls around the internet. So I found some instructions on how to make them. This is the first one I have made. It is okay. I am not thrilled with it. I think I am going to like it more if she has hair.I did not have time last night to embellish her a lot either. I think these will make great Christmas gifts or gifts for people who have been sick. You never know I may send one to a Fat Quarter winner.

He is the website of the lady who started the Dotee Doll. Her name is Dot. She makes beautiful dolls.

Here is a video of instructions on how to make one if you are interested. They are on another ladies blog called Smiles and Sunshine.

Gymnastic T-Shirt Quilt

I finished this quilt today. I have been trying to make it over the past month. It is hard with all the kids home. Saturday my husband let me whole myself up in the sewing room and get the top finished. I started sandwiching it yesterday and finished it this morning. It is great to finally be done with it.

I went to register Josh for Kindergarten this morning. The school right down the road from our house would be the best to go to but it has a waiting list. The secretary told me that they would call me if a spot came open. So now I have to enroll him half way across town. My husband called and complained. They said that there are no districts here so anyone can register their kids there. Crazy.

Joshua, Andrew, and I went for a walk this morning. It was nice out. Not too hot yet. Our cat Dash decided to follow us. This is the second time he has done that. By the time we got home his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. Poor little guy.

More Pictures of the Boys

Here are a few pictures of Andrew and Joshua. I took some of them yesterday and some of them this morning.

Here is Andrew during tummy time. He doesn’t really care for it. This is a great shot of him holding up his head. He has his other leg hiked up. He tries to get them underneath him. He resembles a turtle stuck on his shell. It is too cute.

In this picture Andrew is letting us know that he has had enough of playing on the floor.

Can you tell they are brothers? They are the spitting image of each other. Too cute.

Update on Stephen

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my family and cousin. He got to go home. He is one lucky man. He has to wear the Halo for a while. Hopefully everything will heal well and he will lead a normal life. I truly believe our prayers were answered. Hugs to you all.