Fat Quarter Friday – 30’s Red Reproduction Fabric

So I goofed and got side tracked yesterday. I could just kick myself. Sorry to all of you faithful bloggers who came to see the fat quarter. I am giving away the red 30’s material again. It was a big hit. I just love it. I made Andrew a baby quilt using it. It is close to my heart. Hugs to you all.

8 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Friday – 30’s Red Reproduction Fabric

  1. OOh – you reminded me that I got sidetracked on a giveaway on my blog and never picked a winner. Oops! Must be that Mommy brain?!?!? Still sending best wishes for your cousin for a full recovery.

  2. I used to have some of that in my stash but I used it all up-think there is a little bit in the 30’s crumbs that I am saving for a little log cabin. Lol-guess if I win I’ll get the chance to use it up all over again.


  3. I was disappointed the last time you offered this fabric because of course I didn’t win. Now I have hope again.

    Sue Cahill

  4. that is a cute fabric – i’m a HUGe 1800 reproduction fan, but some 30s fabrics speak to me too

    how’s Stephen doing???

  5. Oh, by all means, sign me up for this wonderful fabric! Are you having a great day? I sure hope so, someone as giving as you deserves one everyday!

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