More Pictures of the Boys

Here are a few pictures of Andrew and Joshua. I took some of them yesterday and some of them this morning.

Here is Andrew during tummy time. He doesn’t really care for it. This is a great shot of him holding up his head. He has his other leg hiked up. He tries to get them underneath him. He resembles a turtle stuck on his shell. It is too cute.

In this picture Andrew is letting us know that he has had enough of playing on the floor.

Can you tell they are brothers? They are the spitting image of each other. Too cute.

7 thoughts on “More Pictures of the Boys

  1. This is just wayyy to precious!!

    Did they look that alike as babies?? do you have to look twice at their baby pictures to make sure who is who??

    Good thing they’re not twins!!

  2. Hi Holly,

    Thank you for putting the photos on your site.

    I like the one where Andrew looks mad as can be!

    I love you,

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