Fabric Postcard Swap


Brenda over at The Quilt Journey is hosting a post card swap. The two post cards on the left are from the swap from June. So far for July there is 4 of us swapping. If you would like to join us go over to Brenda’s blog and leave her a message. It is lovely to receive treats in the mail from sewing friends across the world. Why not join in on the fun. Happy Sewing.

4 thoughts on “Fabric Postcard Swap

  1. oh those are adorable ..

    i do plan in the future to get involved in one of those swaps .. but that’s for the future .. i have way to many other things on the go right now

  2. I just posted pictures of my two postcards received. Such a wonderful feeling. Thanks for adding the post to invite new friends. I am hooked on the awards with receiving and rewards from the giving. I posted pictures of mine also. Have a great day!

  3. Wow, this is adorable. I absolutely love the 30’s repo fabrics. So much so that I keep collecting them and have yet to cut into any! LOL

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