Prayers Needed

I received an email from my grandmother this morning. My cousin Steven was in a bad car accident yesterday afternoon. He thinks he fell asleep while driving. He isn’t sure. He flipped his truck 4 times and hit a utility pole. He was airlifted to the hospital and is in bad shape. So far all I know is that he has broken two bones in his neck. He can move his arms and legs. They are doing an MRI today. I will post when I know more. He is in his late twenties and has a one year old boy named Terrance.

I know that there are healing powers from prayers. God does awesome things all we have to do is ask. Thank you for your kindness.

9 thoughts on “Prayers Needed

  1. Hi Holly Bear,

    We are all waiting to hear something. I did not know Grandma emailed you.

    I am praying for Stephen.

    I’m Going to call Grandma Geri shortly.

    I love and Miss you,

  2. So sorry to hear about your cousin. He does not live near Rochester, NY by any chance does he? I read of a similar bad accident last night and the driver’s name was Stephen. Thinking of both Stephen’s right now.

  3. Oh Holly – I missed a bit with being so sick ..

    praying for your cousin .. how is he doing – has he stabilized to the point that they know the extent of his injuries.

    hugx xoxoxox


  4. Hi Holly Bear,

    Stephen is being released from the hospital with a broken neck and a Halo. Grandma did not know all of the details.

    Bless once again,
    I love you,

  5. Hi Holly,
    Your Mom once again. I talked to Aunt Gerry today. She said that Stephen is at home. Amazing.

    Aunt Gerry is having her shoulder operated on again. It was postponed last tuesday because of Stephens accident.

    Love you all,

    Mom & Marty

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