189th Post

Only 11 more post to go before my 200th post. Yippee. I am going to have a give away. I think I am going to pick more than one winner. I have a few ideas in mind.

Have any of you swaps heard of www.swap-bot.com? It is a pretty neat place. You can join 5 swaps at one time. So far I have been in a 5 inch charm swap, a book mark swap, and a nine patch swap. I have received my goodies. I started two swaps. A fabric postcard swap and a 2 1/2 inch fabric strip swap. Some of the swaps are international. It is a good way to make new friends. Just thought I would share this with all my sewing friends. It’s not just for fabric. Go have a look and see.

One thought on “189th Post

  1. Hello Holly!
    Thanks for the swap site! Gosh…this could be a full time job..just swapping! FUN!

    Are there any “get it out of the closet” non-swaps?
    As in…”I want to get rid of it, not get anything more” swaps? In other words…donate? Um…I need to look into that! (I have so much stuff already…and the swaps are so tempting!)

    Carol in Sweden

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