Fat Quarter Friday for 8/29/08- Teal Floral Fabric

Here is this weeks fat quarter. Please leave me a comment this week between today and Thursday evening at 11:59pm central time. Good luck.

Here is a picture of Andrew trying to roll over. He hasn’t made it yet but he is close. I took him to the doctor yesterday. He has an ear infection and some chest congestion. They gave him some meds and gave him a breathing treatment at the office.

Here is a picture I took this morning. I can’t believe he is already four months old.

9 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Friday for 8/29/08- Teal Floral Fabric

  1. He’s gotten so big just since I started reading your blog -and what a great smile.

    My little guy has that same Thomas mat – at Gramma’s house. He loves it!

  2. Another lovely fabric, and more wonderful pictures of Andrew. It seems like just yesterday you were waiting for him to arrive. He is such a doll.

  3. wow he’s gotten so big and what a cutie with that “hello mum’ smile!!

    how adorable and totally happy he looks


  4. Holly,
    That is such a precious picture of Andrew…he sure is growing….Love your starting of the tote bag, I need to make me one….
    Hugs, Louise

  5. Gorgeous fabric – I love turquoise and orange! Your little Andrew is getting so big – he looks so happy too!

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