Fat Quarter Friday – Sunflower Fabric

I just love Sunflowers. Everytime I see one I am taken back by their beauty. So this week I am giving away one of my favorite prints. Just leave me a comment between now and Thursday evening @ 11:59 central time and you will be entered in the drawing. Good Luck and happy blogging.

9 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Friday – Sunflower Fabric

  1. Sunflowers, my husband’s favorite. I can buy any fabric with sunflowers and he won’t complain. I would love to add your fat quarter to my collection.

  2. The woman who cares for my aged dad is going to learn how to make quilts; she loves sunflowers, and I thought I’d send her some sunflower fabric to inspire her!

  3. You can not believe how long I have been searching for a Sunflower Fabric that I like. This is really beautiful and would be perfect for a little girl. I have a 7 year old granddaughter who rummages through my sewing patterns when she comes to grandma’s house. On her own, she has gone through my patterns and has picked out her favorite pattern which happens to be an apron. I was going to sew it out of Dora, Cinderella, etc. type of material but she wants it made from sunflowers. Most of the sunflower material I find is either too big or too dark; but yours is just perfect. Thank you so much for considering me in your drawing.

  4. would love to use this fabric for my new sunflower kitchen curtians. I’m having a hard time finding sunflower fabric in Woodlands TX, north of Houston.

  5. I was very pleasantly surprised when I did a search for “sunflower fabric” and your fabric showed up. My daughter and her husband and their two young children recently moved to a new home, actually it’s a house built in the 1920’s that they are fixing up. I had used this exact same sunflower fabric for curtains in her previous kitchen but this kitchen has a larger window and a back door with a window in it that needs a curtain. She likes this fabric so much that I wanted to use it again in her new kitchen but need more of it. If I don’t receive this fabric in your drawing, do you know how I might be able to purchase more of the same?

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