4 thoughts on “Goodies in the Mail

  1. LOVe the postcards!! I’m going to do a few (I hope) what a nice treat!!!

    thanx for sharing holly 🙂


  2. I can see that those postcard blocks could be addicting… so cute!!! Back before internet, I used to swap 12 inch blocks with women across America. (got their names from a quilting magazine) Oh, what fun…. always looking forward to going to the mailbox, hoping for another block. I still have those blocks somewhere, never did a thing with them… shame on me!

  3. Hello Holly!
    I’m so glad you put in photos of the postcards you have received! I’ve started mine to send but I haven’t done them before so I’m not so sure about the backing! Is it just cardboard or ????

    Your baby is BEAUTIFUL!

    Carol in Sweden (new to the postcard swap)

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