Killen’s Founders Day 5K Run

This morning my oldest son Tyler and my husband ran in a 5k run. They did an awesome job. Tim finished in 31 minutes and Tyler finished right behind him at 31:08. I am so proud of them. This is the 3rd time my husband has run it and the second time Tyler has. Tyler finished 15 minutes faster than last time. Way to go.

3 thoughts on “Killen’s Founders Day 5K Run

  1. Morning Family,

    Glad to see the results of the run. congrats. Tyler how tall are you now? Will you be taller than your dad?

    Josh I love to see that happy smile. Are you over your cold? Can you go to school in the morning?

    Andrew you look so comfortable.

    I just love these photos.

    Mom, a.k.a Grandma

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