Josh Scored a Goal

Saturday was Joshua’s 2nd soccer game. It was rather cool and windy outside. It had rained the night before so the ground was wet too. Joshua scored the second goal for his team. It is so much fun to watch these adorable children chase a black and white ball around the feild. They don’t have the rules or techniques down yet. So they all swarm the ball at once. It is too cute.

Here is a picture of Andrew being silly. We were playing with a wet wash cloth.

3 thoughts on “Josh Scored a Goal

  1. Now didn’t I tell you Josh is one his way to the WORLD CUP one day!? Goal #1 ! and more to come!

    Maybe he’ll play in the Gothia Cup first…it’s in Sweden each year…it’s like the World Cup for kids. Check it out on the website and start saving money for his team’s trip over! he he

    It certainly looks as though he enjoys playing!

  2. As a former soccer mom (my children are grown) I understand your excitement over his first goal. Congrats to the player. And yes, at his age all the players try to follow the ball. We used to call it Amoeba Ball.

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