4 thoughts on “Joshua’s 1st Soccer Game

  1. CUTE cute cute!!!!

    Isn’t it amazing that they make shin pads so small?

    Just think…maybe Joshua will be in the WORLD CUP someday! This is only the beginning!

  2. oh what fun!!!!

    i remember kyle’s first soccer game .. i felt so sorry for the ball .. every kid but the goalies was all over it once LOLOLOL

    have fun with it

  3. Morning Holly,

    Thank you for the smile on my face looking at the pictures of the boys.

    Josh-It doesn’t matter if you win or lose it’s how you play the game.

    I wish I was there to watch with you.

    Love you,
    Mom a.k.a grandma

  4. Go for it Joshua. Soccer is such a great game for the kids. Kayla, Carissa, Christina and Karrie love playing soccer.

    Congratulations on your goal. That basketball hoop is great. The White girls just got one for free too (best kind). Even Grandma plays basket ball with them.

    Love Gram

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