Quilts For Barbie

I made 4 quilts for Barbie today. My neice Emily’s birthday is Friday. She will be 5. I asked her if she wanted me to make her some quilts for her Barbies. She said yes of course. What little girl doesn’t want Barbie accessories.

So here they are, please don’t laugh. I practiced my free motion quilting on two. It isn’t great, but I am learning.

Okay are they really as bad as they seem. Oh me.

13 thoughts on “Quilts For Barbie

  1. What lucky Barbies!!!!
    (Have you seen that bumper sticker? “I want to be Barbie, that b—- has everything!”)

    I have to admit…I haven’t thought of making Barbie a quilt…but I have made her a lot of other things! (and my fabric post cards are being telepathically put in the Barbie house by my daughter!)

    Love the butterflies! You did well!

  2. They don’t look bad. How are you going to learn if you don’t make mistakes along the way? A suggestion for the 3rd quilt picture. Instead of putting the white outline of a butterfly, you should have put an outline of a leaf instead to keep the autumn theme intact.

  3. i think that they are just wonderful! you’ll find that the more you practice your freemotion the easier it gets!

    what a lucky girl to have all those quilts for her barbie!!

    love the butterfly you received in the swap too!!


  4. Holly,

    I love the lavender colors. Happy Birthday to Emily.

    Remember what it was like to be 5years old?

    Love you,

  5. I don’t think they look bad at all. Great Barbie quilts & good for you for practicing your free motion quilting! Great job!

  6. i think finding something small to practice on is genius. and that they will be used as little barbie quilts is even better. i love the tulip one!

  7. What little girl doesn’t love Barbie things? I can remember making tons and tons of Barbie clothes for my little nieces, but never made any doll quilts. Your niece is going to love all of hers and you did a great job with the free form quilting.

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