10 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Friday- Light Blue Floral Fabric

  1. Count me in! My Grandmother would have loved your Appliqued Lilies. She was a huge Lilly person. I don’t know how many bulbs I planted for her over the years…A LOT I guess. When I see Lillies, birds, and bells, I think of her.

  2. Holly, You have done such a beautiful job on the lilies, it will be amazing when it is completed. Don’t forget to share pictures of it finished. I drool over flowers and this made me really drool. LOL. That sounds pretty pathetic, but I hope you “get” my meaning! I finally managed to get my postcards in the mail today! I have been so busy with projects that everything else just got pushed into the background. I sent a postcard to Josh and Tyler also. Hope Andrew does not get upset with me for not sending him one! Have a great day!

  3. Again, another lovely fabric I would be thrilled to win.
    Thanks again for all your generosity.

  4. What a great blog, since I am a flower lover I really enjoyed the flowers on your walk. I have those cosmos in my garden, unfortunately this weeks frost got them. The baby is precious, he looks so happy. As a quilter I am amazed you get so many things done! The lilies are just wonderful. My joy is quilting comfort quilts for the children at our local domestic violence home. They would love a quilt centered with those little blue flowers surrounded by blocks from my blue scraps. Cheers from a buckeye from Ohio.

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