Give Aways

My good friend Brenda is having her 100th post give away. Way to go Brenda. So head on over to her site and enter.

Also today is the last day to leave me a comment to win this 1930’s fat quarter.

My husband also sent me this link about the nasty stuff that is in bottled water.

Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Give Aways

  1. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for sharing the bottled water info. We have village water here and it never’s passes NY Standard for water. I pay a fortune to the Village and we still by bottled water for me to take with me AND the 2 1/2 gallon jugs to cook with & make coffee. Marty went to a Village Board meeting last month and some of the people there also owned up to not drinking our water.

    Nothing surprises me any more.

    Thank you for you postings. I smile everytime I see a new one.

    Love you,

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