Call Me Crafty Holly….

I have been wanting to make a pincushion out of the baby food jars for some time. I just haven’t had a few minutes to do it. Andrew, God, love him, doesn’t want to be one inch away from me. 🙂 I know, I should enjoy it now. He is growing up so quick.

He has taken quite a nap today, so I took advantage of it. I made a pincushion storage container , a cup cake ornament, and a mini cup cake ornament.

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Thankfully. I am thinking about putting instructions on my site for them. I decided to make a sleeve for mine. I have seen them with out one so that you can see through them. The cap comes off and will be perfect for storing bobbins and such.

The second picture is a little blurry. I used a plastic lid from my quilt basting spray for the bottom. I then used a plate to make my circle for the top. I sewed it like making a yo-yo. Stuffed it, then hot glued it on the top. I want to make more of these. However I am going to have to find something else for the bottom. Can’t be taking the plastic lids off everything. LOL.

I used a lid from an empty 2 liter diet coke bottle for this one. Isn’t it adorable.

Here is all of them together. It gives you a better idea of how big they are.

8 thoughts on “Call Me Crafty Holly….

  1. They are so unique and adorable! What a great idea. Glad you had a little time by yourself to accomplish them, little ones can be very demanding of our time; but it is worth every second in the long run.

    I somehow missed your postcard post, silly me, they turned out great also. I just mailed out all of my postcards. I included November and Decembers in one envelope….I could not help myself. I had an idea pop into my head and boughta bang Decembers were ready. Have a great day!

  2. These are so cool! I especially like the tiny one -it would be a good package tie on a gift to a sewing/quilting person! Good to recycle, too!

  3. Very clever and useful too. I started making my Christmas cards I have about 6 made. Seems like we just had Christmas or well that’s how it goes.

  4. What sweet pincushions. Especially love the tiny one made from the soft drink cap – adorable. They would make good playfood cupcakes for dolls and teddies to enjoy!

  5. While playing with play-doh with my son today, I looked at those mini containers like they sell for Valentine’s Day and Halloween – and thought they would make a good base – I have one that dried up so I had to toss the contents – maybe I will see what I can do with the base.

  6. Just a thought – I’ve been making some adorable pincushions out of the lids off of soft drink/water bottles – they are small, lots of them & absolutely the cutest things you can imagine… I asked a few friends to save me ‘a few’ and soon had enough to make it a project for ‘make it take it’ for our quilt retreat which will house more than 200 women!
    I fill the small lids with soap chips so that the needles will be lubricated & just glide through the next project!
    Have fun – hope that’s a help so you stop loosing your lids for necessary items (I find the shallow lids make better pin cushions because I tend to loose my need down in the larger containers! LOL

  7. What a great idea! I love these & the china dish one too. I love the fact that the jar ones can be used to store scraps & trinkets in.

    And thanks for the soap tip Lynn! 🙂

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