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Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? Do you stay home and cook or go visit relatives?

We unfortunately live 8 hours away from my husbands family and 18 away from mine. So we are usually home for the holidays. My brother in-law and his family live here. Mary and I usually plan a meal together that way one person isn’t doing all the cooking. This year for Easter Mary did all the cooking because I was 9 months pregnant. So for Thanksgiving this year I cam doing the cooking. I am looking forward to planning and making a big meal. At the same time I am a little nervous. I guess that is normal for us younger people who don’t have years of experience or tried and true family recipes. My husband wants me to make cornbread dressing from scratch. When he told me that I got very nervous. I have tried for years to make cornbread that is awesome and just never have gotten it right. I am from Florida. My parents are from the North. Cornbread and soup beans weren’t a staple in our house like it is for most people who live south of the Mason Dixon line. This week I searched for recipes for cornbread. I made a few and think I have come up with a good recipe for cornbread. I made a call to my good friend Trish to get her recipe for cornbread dressing. She is from Alabama and has all those southern family recipes that she doesn’t mind sharing. Today I made a batch for my husband to take to work tomorrow. They are having a Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. So hopefully it is good and I don’t kill anyone. Knowing him if it is good he will want me to make it regularly. So wish me luck.

The only thing other than turkey and dressing that is a Thanksgiving day must at our house is pecan pie. What are the musts at your house?

Oh Andrew got two more teeth on the top. He will look like a vampire. The front top haven’t appeared but the two next to them have.

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  1. Sweet potatoes (with marshmallows melted on top)! My mom makes the best. She makes them on Christmas too. They are soooooo good. We all cook and bring to the family dinner. We are meeting at my sister’s this year.

  2. Edward got vampire teeth just in time for the premiere of “Twilight”! I don’t watch it but my hubby does. I don’t get it, myself…
    We usually have Thanksgiving with family, which is easier now that we live closer together. In college, my family was 2000 miles away and my hubby (then boyfriend) had his family on the other side of the planet. Fast forward 15 years and three kids later, we’re all within an hour or so. Our favorites are homemade rolls (that’s my job)and pie (my sister’s job). Then the usual cranberries, peas, squash, smashed potatoes, turkey & gravy.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. You can make that dressing. Make t batches of cornbread; let cook and crumble into a large bowl; add a couple of slices of our favorite bread crumbled; 2 eggs; saulted onions, celery in chicken broth; poultry seasoning, Accent and white pepper. Also warm several cans of chicken broth because you want the dressing to be moist when you place it in the oven. The great thing about dressing is that you can taste it as you’re making it before it goes in the oven. My mom addes cooked squash in her recipe. I know that sounds weird but it is delicious. Remember to pour at least half of the warmed broth into the mix. Stir until all is mixed it. Bake in large pan at 350degrees for about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. It the dressing is a little dry when you remove it from the oven, pour a bit of that warmed chicken broth over it and bake another 10 minutes. Hope this helps.

  4. Do not fret much Holly, all of us at some point face these challenges. You will have mouths watering for more of everything!

    Every other year my parents go to Washington and spend Thanksgiving with the grandkids. That means that this year it will only be Kevin and I. We are not going to do anything at all because he has to work most of the day. But I will make up some homemade rolls, they are an absolute necessity for holidays.

  5. must haves, dressing with raisins (not kidding) pumpkin pie! Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!! my favorite part! oh and hot spiced cider in the crock pot all day long.

  6. I was visiting with my favorite aunt once upon a time, and after grabbing a piece of heaven – I mean cornbread – I said “Aunt Lora, I have GOT to have your cornbread recipe – it’s the best I’ve ever eaten!!” She looked at me and grinned and said “Morrison’s Corn Kits – 2 packages, add all the ingredients it says to on the mix pack, PLUS 1 tablespoon of sugar…. and make sure to bake it in a cast-iron skillet that you’ve greased well and put in the oven to heat up while you were mixing the cornbread. If the cornbread sizzles when you pour it in the skillet, it’s a GOOD thing!” Her dressing secret was to use half cornbread and half biscuits…. but she insisted that they both had to be baked on Monday at the latest, for use on Thanksgiving Day, then she pretty much did what Rhonda said in her comment!
    Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
    Bobbie in Texas

  7. Hello,
    Happy Turkey Day,

    marty is cooking a 20 pound bird and taking most of it to some elderly people that we know.

    Every one in our family up here is staying in and cooking.

    Driving wasn’t fun coming back from Canadaigua today. We really get socked in up here at the top of this Mountain. I like the four wheel drive.

    I love the vampire look.

    Love you all,
    Mom a.k.a Grandma

  8. We generally host Christmas for my parents and they do Thanskgiving…though this year they are eating vegetarian so I have no idea what I’ll make?! Lol* I was planning on a roast! Lol* Our holiday staple is definitely pumpkin roll. I make at least a dozen of them every year and this year I’m well passed 20! Lol*

    Love hearing about your traditions, and hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day! 🙂

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