Weekend Update

I haven’t had time lately to post any pictures. I have been busy with these babies. This weekend we went to a Veterans parade. Some of the soliders from Tim’s unit were in it. We had fun. It was cold and windy. Yesterday I took Joshua to a birthday party in between church services. I didn’t get much done this weekend. Today my neice Emily is here. I am going to start watching her a few days a week. The boys are out of school today and tomorrow for Veterans day. We went outside and picked up pine cones for a Christmas decoration project. Then we went in the front yard and raked leaves into a big pile. Of course I had to encourage them to jump right it. I took pictures. I will post them later. Here is a quick picture of Andrew. He was crying but I got him to laugh. You can see the splotches on his face from crying. Look at those teeth. I am expectin two more to pop up at any minute. He is drooling like crazy.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Andrew,

    Look at you ……… thank you for putting a smile on my face. No wonder you didn’t answer you phone yesterday it sounds like you all have been very busy.

    Gotta go. Boy I sure wish I had a sewing machine with a knee operation that I could use.

    Are you going to help with the pine cone projects. Don’t stick them in your mouth!

    I love you all,

    Grandma Kathy & Marty too

  2. He is so adorable. They do grow fast at that age. Pretty soon he will be upwardly mobile…watch out then…nothings safe!

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