Double Irish Chain Quilt Top

I finished making the top of this double irish chain last night. It has been a long process. I would say that I have 15 hours into it already. I still have to sandwich it and quilt and tie it. I made this for my mother. She requested a quilt for her bed. Sorry it has taken so long mom. I didn’t realize how time consuming this pattern was. With Andrew I don’t get nearly enough time to sew. Thanks to my hubby, Tim, I was able to sew for 6 hours last night.

7 thoughts on “Double Irish Chain Quilt Top

  1. Holly,

    I just showed Marty the quilt for our Bed. I can’t believe it. I just send you an email. I love the Christmas pictures. Send hard copied. Next year marty’s Grandchild will be born and be 30 miles from here.

    Hope to see you soon

    I love and miss you.

    Mom & Marty

  2. That is just beautiful! Seeing all the nice quilts people have made really inspires me to try one sometime.

    Thanks for visiting my blog & I definitely think you should try to make an ATC or two! I see you’ve already done some fabric postcards, why not try some fabric ATCs for a challenge? The best thing about ATCs is that you can do absolutely anything you like, incorporating any materials you like. I can’t wait to see the result 😉

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