Making Christmas Cookies

Saturday evening Tyler and I made Christmas cookies. Joshua helped decorate them. It was fun. Hopefully it will be something they will remember and want to do with their children some day. Tyler has taken an interest in cooking. So maybe he will help out in the kitchen when he is married. I hope to raise boys who don’t mind helping around the house. I know it will make their lives easier when they are married. LOL.

I just realized that we did not take pictures of the finished cookies. Silly us.

Here are my boys being silly for the camera.

Yesterday Tim’s brother Greg and his family came over to open gifts and have a huge meal. Boy did we eat. We always make way too much food and then are stuffed for the rest of the day. There was 9 of us and I think we could of fed about 20 people. It was so good. We like to make abunch of different appetizers. We usually get together on Christmas Eve. Greg and Mary have to work that day so we decided to do it yesterday.

Andrew did pretty good getting the paper off. However he wanted to eat it. Everything must be tasted. Yesteday we thought we heard him say I love da da. We thought he was saying Look da da. But he said it a few times and it sounded like I love da da. It was so cute.

6 thoughts on “Making Christmas Cookies

  1. I taught my three boys all to cook, do laundry, grocery shop, and clean the house. I used to tell them I was raising three wonderful husbands for some lucky young ladies. Despite their complaints, when they got a little older, they did find out that having those skills can be a real “chick magnet,” and now they appreciate all those lessons. Hang in there mom … it will pay off.

  2. oh that looks like fun! Kyle and i used to make cookies too, but haven’t this year … just wayyy to much else going on :\

    kyle can do his own laundry, cook, (we are still working on the cleaning part :|) he can hand sew things if needed, he’s a good eye for colour and can pick out his own clothes 🙂 it’s well worth it – you’re a mum, not a maid!



  3. Morning Holly & All,

    Thank you for posting the photos. Looks like you are just about ready for Christmas. You had to do your chores around the house & in the kitchen too. That’s great that Tyler likes to help in the kitchen.

    Love you all,
    Mom, a.k.a. Grandma & Marty too

  4. Hi Holly! You are so wise to teach your boys to cook and clean and be handy. I didn’t think to do that with mine – poor guy. The cookie making looks like fun. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas! Loved looking at the photos, it is great that the boys help out. Sounds like you all had an enjoyable feast…yum, yum….the only way to eat a holiday meal is to overindulge with the preperations, the items served and of course the consuming. LOL. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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