Our Christmas Tree

Here is our tree. We decorated it Saturday. Believe it or not I still have ornaments in the box. We have so many. This year the kids, Tim, and my dad put most of the ornaments on. I did a little rearranging once it was over.

Yes those boxes under the tree are empty. It looks so much better with stuff under it.

Here is a picture of my cranky baby. He is getting three teeth on the top. I keep calling him rolie polie. He is rolling all over the place. But he doesn’t want to roll back the other way.

3 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree

  1. I love your tree and “empty” boxes. I’d love a big tree but I have no room for one. I love seeing everyone else’s trees. It’s like seeing everyone’s quilts. It brings so much joy.

  2. Holly & Family,

    This is the first I have checked my email today. Thank you for the memories of all the ornaments on the tree. Look how many great-grandma made. The ones you were given growing up. The collectibles I gave you. You likely have enough for two trees. We do. Everything is still in the attic of the barn. I guess this year we are going to have to have a tree.

    Gotta Run,
    Love you & miss you,
    MOM & Marty

  3. Beautifully decorated. My tree will be full of Gram McRae’s handmade docorations. I have about 125. Then I put the ones from the kids and grandkids on. Which is the job of the day.
    Love Grandma

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