Sick Kids

Andrew is feeling better. He slept through the night. It was so nice to sleep in my bed and actually sleep. His fever is gone. His nose is draining like a faucet. He seems a little happier today.

Tyler woke up with a bumpy rash. I am taking him to the doctor in just a few minutes to have it looked at. Hopefully it isn’t anything to worry about. Crossing my fingers.

Today is my Dad’s birthday. Happy 56th Dad.

5 thoughts on “Sick Kids

  1. prayers for andrew and tyler .. sick kids are no fun at all .. i can remember nites like that with kyle and they totally drain you & just when you need the strength and patience the most



  2. Hi Holly,

    Hope every one is feeling better in your house. I love to look at your site everyday.

    Love you,

  3. Hope your kidlets are feeling better!! I sure do remember those days!!

    I gave you a Kreative Blogger award on my blog. I love your work!!

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