Happy Birthday Tim!!!

Today is my husband’s 35th birthday. He is on a plane home from New York City. He went to a conference and his flight for last night got cancelled. he should be home this afternoon. The kids and I made him some birthday cards. He likes hand made cards much better than store bought. It is always fun to sit down with the kids and be creative. We made quit a mess of it.

Yesterday the boys were home sick. Tyler went back to school today. Joahus is still home sick. Andrew has a little bit of a cough. Hopefully it won’t get worse than that. He is getting so big and fast. He still isn’t crawling. He rolls everywhere. He does push ups too. It is so cute.



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tim!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Tim! Too bad the boys have been sick, but glad to see they are feeling better. Hope the little one doesn’t end up sick too. Looks like he is hanging on for dear life in this picture….love it!

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