Pictures from the Past

I don’t have anything new and exciting to write about. Tim made it home safe from Texas. He was in Houston Friday and Saturday for an expo for work. Tuesday he is going to New York City for a conference for work. Thursday is his 35th birthday. Here are a couple pictures from the past.


This is me and my brother Ted from when we were little.


This is Tyler when he was 8 holding Joshua a few weeks after he was born. Time sure has flown by


This is a picture of the very first twin sized quilt that I had made. It was for my niece Emily.

One thought on “Pictures from the Past

  1. Holly,

    I cannot believe the photo of you and your brother!

    I did a double take.

    What room is Tyler holding Joshua in? I cannot tell.

    I love and miss you all.

    Your Mom

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