Scrappy Table Runner Quilted

Yeah I am now down to 37 UFO’s. That is great news. This is the first quilty item that I have tried free motion quilting on. I have been so nervous. I read a few blogs today about other people biting the bullet so I decided to also. It turned out pretty good for my first time. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was only a table runner though. LOL. It took a little getting used to. There are a few sharp spots and one loop. Oops. The back turned out good too. The tension was pretty good. Yeah. I am so excited. Maybe I will try a baby quilt next.



5 thoughts on “Scrappy Table Runner Quilted

  1. This looks good!!! I am glad you got brave and tried it. I was always worried about the back when I tried to quilt something, your back looks great!

  2. I like this table runner! Seeing some of your quilts makes me feel more comfortable making things that aren’t all matchy matchy. It’s nice! And I love the way yours turn out! Thanks for the inspiration!

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