Tyler is now 14

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday he was in diapers. Now he is 14. I am starting to feel old. LOL. The boys have been warned that any goofy pictures taken will most likely end up on the Internet. So they can’t complain.



Here they are at the party blowing out their candles. Tyler thinks he is too big for parties now. LOL.

dsc05450copyI took my dad to the airport today. He is on his way back to Florida. It was fun having him here and getting to spend time with him. We will miss him. I don’t have any sewing news. Why you ask? Well I haven’t sewed. LOL. I bought the backing and batting for the Fractured Pinwheels baby quilt but haven’t had time to finish it up. Maybe I will find time this week.

3 thoughts on “Tyler is now 14

  1. Hi Family,

    Happy birthday to Tyler & Josh. Thanks for the photos you post Holly. It seem like yesterday that you were 14 yrs. old.

    Love you all,
    Mom & Marty

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