302 Posts!

Wow I just noticed that this is my 302 post. Where has the time gone? Nothing quilty to report for me. My Aunt Gerry is here from New York. She brought three of my cousins. The poor boys have been surrounded by girls. It is fun. It has been wonderful spending time with them.
Not much else going on. The weather has been weird. Today it is in the 60’s. By the end of the week it will be back in the lower 40’s.

5 thoughts on “302 Posts!

  1. Holly, Congrats on the 300+ blogs. I sent you an email today with a special request. I have lost the internet and can only check on things once in awhile from my parents. It will be a few days and I will check on emails and get back with you. Thank you Your Friend Brenda

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying all those “girls.” Christina was asking me when I would be coming back to New York, I assured I would be home for her 8th birthday on the 26th. Usually we are in Florida on her birthday.

    Havae fun.

  3. Hi Holly,

    I love looking at your site. My quilt is beautiful. Stacey was here when it arrived so she has seen the baby quilt. Thank you so much. She doesn’t have much yet, but 2 showers will be coming up.

    Marty’s home. We are trying to get back to what is “normal” at home for us.

    I love you so much,

    Oh, I didn’t know that Aunt Gerry has more that 1 child with her; Do you also have some of the White girls?

    I love & miss you,
    Mom & Marty

  4. wow congrats on the 302 posts!! i don’t think i’m to far behind you myself ..

    enjoy your visitors and you are NOT alone with your weather .. we are getting undecided weather here too


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