Cat and Fireworks Fabric Postcards

I received these beauties in the mail Saturday. The cat fabric postcard is from Carol who lives in Sweden. The fireworks fabric postcard is from Vicki. Thank you ladies they are adorable.


Mom I am almost done with your quilt. I worked on quilting it yesterday. I will share a picture once I am done. All I have to do is the binding. I am hoping to get that done tonight. Then I will be able to mail it Friday.

I took Andrew and Joshua to the doctor this morning. Joshua has an ear infection in both ears. He still has a lot of nasal congestion. Andrew has RSV and an ear infection in his left ear.  Andrew dosen’t have to go to the hospital unless it gets worse. I have to give him breathing treatments every 3 hours and hope it goes away. He is also getting another tooth on the bottom. He is so cranky between being sick and the tooth. Say prayers for us.

4 thoughts on “Cat and Fireworks Fabric Postcards

  1. Hello Holly…I’ve stopped by your blog in awhile…(Facebook as sucked me in!) Gosh, you’ve been busy!

    I love that first quilt you made for your neice! No wonder you got hooked!

    We’ve been fighting off all kinds of colds, flus, tonsilitus, etc…for weeks. Hope your boys will be better soon! Spring is near! (well nearer than yesterday!)

    Hey…help me…your fabric post cards always have such nice borders/trim…if you look at mine (above) see what I need help with?!!! the edges look terrible! what setting should I have on the machine? (I use a satin stitch but maybe not tight enough.) I don’t have ‘over lap” option.
    Do you have a suggestion for me?

  2. Holly,

    It sounds like you have your hands full with sick children. Do you remember when I took you and your brother out of high school for 2 weeks and we used great-grandma Ehrmentraut’s remedy for the cough we could not get rid of? Honey, whiskey & lemon. Those boys are a bit young for that.

    Your Counsler at school said she used the same german remady for her kids.

    Thank you for working on our quilt. It’s been real cold up here.

    Do you have any baby quilts made up? Marty will be a grandpa in May. Let me know.

    I love and miss you all,
    Mom & Marty

  3. I’m here for a visit through Gain exposure to your blog -swap.
    I had never thought of the idea of a fabric postcard! Too bad I don’t have my sewing machine with me here in Sweden so I can’t even try. I guess I’ll just have to settle doing regular paper ones. 😀

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