Double Irish Chain Quilt Finished

I was able to finish 2 UFO’s this past week. The first is the double Irish chain quilt that I have been working on for my mommy. It is the first big quilt that I have free motion quilted. It turned out ok. There are a few imperfections. I am a beginner at this after all. My hubby said it looks great. I am my own worst critic.



My mom asked me if I had any baby quilt that she could have for a baby shower gift for Marty’s daughter. She is have a baby boy. I told her I was sure I could come up with a top that was already finished. I found the red white and blue bow tie top that was waiting to be finished. I finished it yesterday. I hope she likes it.


Saturday Tyler made peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. They were so good. Tim told him to make a special cookie for me. Here is what I got.


Aren’t they sweet?

Last week when it was very cold one night the dogs water froze over outside. When I emptied it out into the sink this is what was left. I thought I made for a great picture.


Andrew is feeling better. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. He has been fever free for two days and is almost back to his old self. He is playing and crawling around. He is still wheezy and coughing but the doctor said that will last 2 to 3 weeks.

8 thoughts on “Double Irish Chain Quilt Finished

  1. Love this picture Holly, thanks for sharing it with us.

    I particularily like the reflections in the sink and the distortions in the ice.

  2. Your mom’s quilt is lovely, I know she will like it.

    And lucky baby to receive a hand made quilt.

    Tyler’s cookie looks very, yummygood job Tyler and so happy to hear Andrew is getting better.

    Is Josh going to become a barber?

  3. Holly,

    It is beautiful. I just got home, checked your site and am in awe.

    Try to call you later or tomorrow.

    Marty will like be home by Saturday.

    I love you Mom

  4. poor holly

    you’ve had quite the week or so of it haven’t you ..

    i’m so sorry that everyone is sick and miserable!!

    hugs n my prayers are with everyone

  5. Your mom’s double irish chain quilt is wonderful! You know I love blue/white quilts :o) I’m sure she’ll love your quilting on it!

    The ice is so pretty! This winter some of my neighbours have made ice buckets and placed them on the front step with candles in them – and it is so beautiful in the evenings. Just an idea for how you can use water that’s been left out in the cold :o) And it’s a great project for kids.

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