Exercise, Exercise, I Need To Exercise.

Well I bit the bullet and walked on the treadmill. Yeah. I have been bugging my hubby to bring it in from the garage for a while. He was so kind and did so for me. So today I used it. I put Andrew in the play pen and walked. I was wondering how far I could get before he got tired of the play pen and started protesting. It lasted 27 minutes. At 28 minutes the dryer was buzzing. Which I have to shut off manually. It has been broken for some time now. So I walked for 28:51 minutes. I went 1.16 miles and burned 163 calories. Yeah for me. i wonder how far I can get tomorrow?

6 thoughts on “Exercise, Exercise, I Need To Exercise.

  1. That is great! My treadmill is sitting in the spare bedroom and for some reason I just let it sit. LOL. I keep telling myself to use it, but it just sits. I hope that you continue to use yours and it really is a great way to exercise!

  2. Great Job!! I tried a treadmill last year, and my ankle objected BIG TIME! It seems to be doing better, and I’m contemplating starting again. But you are inspiring me to go do my floor exercises and stretching. Maybe we need a private “encouraging group”??

  3. Good for you Holly,

    Keep going. I have to do it every day so I keep moving forward. I cannot wait to get the quilt.

    I love you all,
    Mom & Marty too. He’s still in TX until next Monday! What a challenge for me. Him to all the driving

  4. good for you holly

    now if andrew gets really fussy, you can always carry him while walking … he might just be fascinated enough by the treadmill to let you get your time im 🙂


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