Sick Update

Andrew is still miserable. Between his tooth coming in, his ear ache, and the RSV he isn’t a happy camper. So neither am I. Tyler and Joshua are feeling better. My house is a mess and I feel crappy too. Calgon take me away. Gotta go get supper ready.quilt_2436

I made this quilt for my mother in-law a few years ago. I made it out of the grandkids clothes.

5 thoughts on “Sick Update

  1. thank you for your kind comment! active for 9 years wow! we’re in the national guard as well, but not full time (only while deployment) my hat goes off to women who do it full time! 🙂

  2. I sure hope that Andrew feels better soon and that you are feeling better also. Glad to hear the other two boys are feeling better. You did a great job on this quilt!

  3. Hey Holly!
    Sorry to hear y’all have been sick. Bless your heart. I know you must be worn out.
    I’m loving the quilt you made for your MIL, however–where did you get the pink pieces out of the boys’ clothes? =)
    I know James’ Daddy ran into Walmart to get him a pair of light pants to go to the park one evening and came back with an ash gray pair that had little ruffles along the bottom of the legs. He wore his girly pants till he outgrew them and his Daddy tried to die every time I put them on him. hahaha.
    Hope y’all get to feeling better!

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